Fattoria di Mazzalupo is located in the heart of Tuscany, 400 meters on sea level.

The company is set on a lush hill, nestled in the centre of four Etrurian valleys:

Valdarno,Valdichiana, Casentino and Valtiberina.

In this area micro-climate is ideal as it's protected by cold northern wind and at the same time enlivened by sea breeze.

Crops grow with sun warmth, granting to our customers flavours of yesteryear.

Fattoria di Mazzalupo is a family heritage for Caterina Lebole Lo Franco, she takes care of the premises keeping alive traditions and memories of her ancestors.

Healty food has always been a lifestyle for those living in the countryside.

Caterina has been driven on this path by allergies, discovering dyes intolerance and preservatives.

Therefore all Mazzalupo products are inspired to ancient recipes told by generations in generations, those that Caterina learned by her grandmother.

Past flavours emanated from dishes cooked as a masterpiece, especially in celebration days have been embossed in Caterina's mind.

Hence the wish of keeping, as in a coffer, flavours and delight of good food.

The former passion, Caterina had, has become a craft, she everyday perform with love.

She takes care of cultivation of vegetables, olives, raw materials produced in the farm, those that as soon as have been picked are cooked to enhance their tastes and flavours.

Every single sauce, jelly, olive oil bottle of Mazzalupo has her signature as warranty of top quality.

The feeling for good food, simple but tasty, soft but rich in genuine flavours is the inspiration for Caterina in every day job.

Picking Mazzalupo products you may test the history of Tuscan cooking tradition, made up of authentic food , born from the earth and simply prepared with passion.